Thursday, June 5, 2014

Business plan BitCoinAllAccess

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Compensation Plan

The Bitcoin All Access Compensation Plan pays commissions on the Retail Sales of the “All Access” Membership which has a stand alone value in the marketplace with or without the attached compensation plan. This Compensation plan simply serves as a mechanism to pay independent affiliates for their word of mouth advertising of the “All Access” Membership in lieu of spending a traditional allocated budget on radio, television, print, or online advertising.

The word of mouth approach has been proven to be more effective than all of the other forms of media combined. The Bitcoin All Access Compensation plan is cutting edge with components to help affiliates who are brand new, working part time, and even the full time marketing professional. There is something for everyone. Below you will find the 4 key cornerstones including Cycle Bonus, Fast Start Bonus, Matching Bonus, and Global Bonus Pool.

Cycle Bonus 3x2 Matrix

Starts with you at the top. 3 on your 1st level and 9 on your second level for a total of 12 group sales and pays $800 when completed. Each time you complete your matrix you will automatically follow your sponsor back in their current matrix. Your reentry will count as a bonus sale to the upline sponsors. The same is true for each one of your personally sponsored as they will continue to follow you over and over again with each new entry counting as a bonus sale. This automatic reentry system creates a perpetual ongoing money making opportunity.

There are 4 ways to fill your matrix: Personal sales, Team Sales, Spillover, and Reentries. You can fill your entire matrix with 12 personal sales and cycle. Team sales are when someone on your first level signs someone up they count for you and them. Spillover sales are when one your upline sponsors makes a sale and it falls into your matrix, it counts for you and them. Reentry sales are when people cycle and come back in under whether you personally sponsored them or not.

Fast Start Bonus

Fast Start Bonus On your first Matrix when 3 sales fall on your first level whether you personally sponsored them or not a $300 Fast Start Bonus is generated.

This is a one time bonus that is paid the first time you have all 3 sales on your 1st level on your first matrix.

This Bonus is designed to help everyone get off to a Fast Start. It’s like getting your money back with 3 and it’s FREE!

Global Bonus Pool

The global bonus pool is a monthly bonus that is based on the Top 25 Rankings of consultants with the highest number of personally sponsored for the month. The higher the number of personally sponsored you have for the month the higher the number of shares you will have in the pool. The Top 10 affiliates will have their shares DOUBLED! The bonus pool is funded with $400 from the 1st cycle of EVERY new consultant Company Wide during the month. The Rankings closeout out at 11:59pm PT on the last day of the calendar month.

All Commission Bonuses are paid Instantly to your online EWallet account. You can redeem your commissions each business day. All EWallet redemptions are paid the following business day in one bitcoin value increments to the Bitcoin Wallet on file. You must have a Bitcoin Wallet on file to complete your redemption. You also, have the option to redeem for a BitPass. A BitPass will allow you to have a new sign up give you payment directly and you use the BitPass to sign them up. BitPasses can be redeemed unlimited times in a day provided you have the funds in your EWallet. The BitPass provides for even faster way to get paid and sign up your new people.

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