Wednesday, June 4, 2014

BitCoinAllAccess - Live September 21.2015

The full website will be going LIVE with back office access and video capture page no later than 10am ET on Monday, September 21, 2015.

The Total number of personal VIP Sign ups has now been INCREASED to 24. This is the NEW max number of VIP personals that you can enroll through this Sunday.

Global Bonus Pool Ranking qualification for the month of September: When the paid order page goes LIVE you simply need to personally sponsor ONLY 1 new paid membership to be qualified for the Ranking. Also, when you personally sponsor the 1 ALL of your VIP enrollments will count towards the Rank Standings. Therefore, if you have personally enrolled 24 during the VIP Launch Phase and then you personally sponsor 1 new paid member when the order page goes live then your Ranking would be 25 total personals for the month. Please keep in mind that the rankings are based on the date and time of the enrollment of your latest sponsored. In other words, everyone has an equal footing when the site goes live to start personally sponsoring and the one's that do it sooner will have an advantage over the one's that do it later. If you don't personally sponsor any new paid members then you will not be included in the Global Bonus Pool rankings for the month of September. This qualification ONLY applies to the Bonus Pool. All other bonuses are NOT affected.

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